What's Happening . . .

Katy King incorporated the Heyworth volleyball team (while on a 3 hour break) and moms to help roll scrolls, cut ribbon, tie, & curl the ribbon to prepare for the Holiday Spectacular Princesses to hand out at the Labor Day parade.

Holiday Spectacular 2015 Cast List

  • Cast List
  • This was by far the most talented group ever to audition. Thanks to all for coming out!
  • Please note that the script is not done and the music program is being developed. More solos will be cast as the need is identified.

Mandatory Meeting for Cast & Parents of Minors (HS or younger)

  • Tuesday, September 8, 6:00 pm
  • Bloomington Cultural District Creativity Center
  • Pay registration fee and a short information meeting to answer your questions.
  • First Rehearsal - Sunday, September 13 - watch for specific schedule

Holiday Spectacular Tickets

Information for purchasing tickets

Thank You, Thank You!!

  • Thank you to the volunteers who worked at the Bloomington Beer Fest to help earn money for a new Holiday Spectacular set.
    • Lori Adams
    • Karla Bailey-Smith
    • Fred Basolo
    • Marcia Basolo
    • Anne Besler
    • Dave Besler
    • Doug Braun
    • Nancy Braun
    • Nancy Brokaw
    • Mary Jo Flynn
    • Mary Ann Fulton
    • Kip Hayden
    • Tricia Hayden
    • Jeff Helms
    • Laurie Helms
    • Katie Henderson
    • Scott Henderson
    • Cathy Holbrook
    • Tom Holbrook
    • Ronnie Jones
    • Bob Kerestes
    • Carol Kerestes
    • Katy King
    • Jane Krueger
    • Jack Matlock
    • Kim Matlock
    • Alyce Miller
    • Linda Miller
    • Melissa Miller
    • Cassie Mings
    • Kenny Prince
    • Angie Raile
    • Andrea Rediger
    • Michael Rice
    • John Stark
    • Stacy Terry
    • Steve Terry
    • Bill Waller
    • Laurie Warnock
    • Marly Wooster


Celebrate America is a red, white, and blue musical to celebrate our nation's birthday. Singers of all ages are needed to join the Holiday Spectacular ensembles.

Photo Album of Celebrate America 2015